Vitacress Conservation Trust Annual Environmental Lecture

The second Vitacress Conservation Trust Environmental Lecture took place at Southampton University on 1 May 2008.

Professor John Beddington CMG FRS, Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of the Government Office for Science, gave a fascinating presentation entitled “Sustainability in a Changing World”. This highlighted various global challenges and possible solutions to them, covering food, energy and water security in the context of climate change, population growth and alleviating poverty.

The lecture also considered how governments, non-governmental organisations and others need to work together and use science, technology and engineering to help combat the threats posed.

Professor Beddington commented:

“Issues surrounding sustainability and climate change are increasingly coming to the fore for everyone. The challenges we face on matters such as food and energy security are serious.

I am grateful to both the University of Southampton and the Vitacress Conservation Trust for inviting me and I welcome this opportunity to outline my thoughts on some of these issues.”

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