Vitacress Conservation Trust 2010 Chalk Stream Headwaters Forum 29 November

The annual VCT Chalk Stream Headwaters Forum was initiated in 2007 to provide a focal point for discussion and new ideas for the management of the wellsprings of some of Europe’s most ecologically important rivers.

Following last year’s Forum, where phosphorus pollution was identified as the overwhelmingly important “Elephant in the Stream”, this year’s eminent speakers explored the widespread negative influence of phosphorus-based diffuse pollution on chalk streams and larger rivers, as well as identifying what can be done about it. In addition there were updates on ongoing initiatives such as the Bourne Rivulet and Upper Itchen, as well as research on PEITC and watercress and continuing work by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust on the survival ecology of stocked wild Brown Trout fingerlings in chalk streams.

Trustees and Speakers

Forum Proceedings are now available for download:

Vitacress proceedings_29-11-10_TN_19-01-11

Forum presentations available for download:

Did Farmer Giles do it – Dr Mike Bowes

Why is the Danube Blue – Dr Pete Shaw

The Bourne Rivulet Initiative – Prof Gail Taylor

The Upper Itchen Initiative – Graham Roberts

Still Glowing – Dr Dominic Stubbings

The Wessex Rivers Trust – Tom Davis

Proceedings to follow in the new year 2011

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