The VCT was formed by Vitacress Salads in 2007 in order to give direction and structure to the company’s ambitions to not only produce its salad offerings in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way but to better understand the ecosystems in which it operates and to use that understanding to enhance them, increasing rather than just protecting biodiversity.

University of Southampton

Vitacress Salads has a long standing relationship with the University of Southampton, supporting research to improve the safety, quality and health benefits of its products. The core of this research is led by Professor Gail Taylor who heads the Vitacress Research Unit in the School of Biological Sciences. Professor Taylor is also active in environmental research, recently assisting the VCT in a wide ranging collaboration with the University’s Centre for Environmental Science.


The VCT is keen to build its educational links to help to inform and inspire younger generations as well as new entrants/career changers as to the value of sustainable production and biodiversity. Sparsholt College is an obvious partner in that regard and we were delighted when its Principal Tim Jackson agreed to become a trustee, strengthening the Trust’s educational expertise and facilitating collaborative projects with the students.



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