Latest Publications

Asa White, a VCT sponsored PhD student at the University of Brighton, has now had is paper “Can Watercress Farming Directly Impact Fish Communities?” published. Follow this link to view a summary

Current Projects

Current projects being sponsored / funded by the VCT are:

  • “Measuring and Optimising Multiple Ecosystem Services Provided by Chalk Streams” – Jen Ball, University of Southampton
  • Phosphorus in the perennial headwaters of chalk streams
    funded by the Vitacress Conservation Trust, the Test and Itchen Association, and the University of Southampton’s Faculty of Engineering & the Environment.Other partners include the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency, and the Campaign to Protect Rural England.
  • “Test & Itchen Winterbourne PhD”. This project is a collaboration between Nottingham Trent University (NTU), the Environment Agency (EA), The Vitacress Conservation Trust (VCT) and the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (HIWWT). The goal is to better understand the ecology of temporary chalk streams – winterbournes – dynamic ecosystems valued for recreation, water quality and biodiversity, but also subject to many human pressures. This improved understanding will underpin enhanced monitoring and management to better protect winterbourne biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

Past Projects

In 2008, Melanie Dixon, a student at the University of Southampton, supervised by Dr Pete Shaw, embarked on a three year study, which addressed three main themes:

How and why water used in watercress production and processing affects ecosystems in receiving streams.

The potential for on-site mitigation of ecological impacts of PEITC.

How the artificially maintained discharges from the St Mary Bourne site can be used to benefit local habitats and biodiversity.

Melanie has now completed her PHD and the results of her work can be seen here 2011 International Journal of Zoology.

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